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Small + Large Enclosures Wording 101

By Ashlea

Large and Small Enclosures

All of our stationery suites are a fully customizable package! Our small and large enclosure cards are inserts that go along with the wedding invitation and response card and is where our couple’s choose to put all of the additional information that wouldn’t normally go on their wedding invitation.


The small enclosure is recommended as a reception card if your reception is at a different venue than your ceremony. Typically, the header would say “Reception” or “Join Us” followed by the venue name and address, along with the start time. Any other information such as “adults only” or what will be served such as “cocktails, dinner, and dancing.” Wording is fully customizable; therefore, this card can be used for any small amount of information. Many people also use the small enclosure as their registry or wishing well card.

You can also use the small and large enclosures for any other information that would benefit guests – wedding websites, registries, morning after brunch, rehearsal dinner, etc.


The large enclosure is normally used for accommodations, additional information, or directions if you are having out of town guests or if you have blocked off rooms at a hotel. The large enclosure works best with any large amount of information. As shown in the image above, the large enclosure has been used for local hotels that have been blocked off, shuttle transportation information, and the couple’s website for additional information. Many couples choose to add most information on their wedding website as to keep their small and large enclosure clean and minimal. Some couples even opt to put their wedding website on the response card and opt out of having a small and large enclosure. Because our stationery is fully customizable, the possibilities are endless!

To get started with an order, visit our website, Shine Wedding Invitations. From there you can customize your own quote with a small enclosure, large enclosure, or both!

RSVP Wording 101

By Ashlea

The response card is traditionally accompanied by the main invitation. This is to gather information for your wedding such as who can attend, the guest count, and their entree selection. The response card information is usually paired with an A1 sized envelope and a stamp for the guests to mail back their response. Couple’s have been opting out of this tradition and using the response card to indicate that their guests should response via their wedding website or provide a phone number to call and respond.

RSVP card wording 101


There are several ways to phrase the opening of a response card. For example,

– The favor of your reply is requested by the Eighth of July

– Kindly reply by July 8th

– Please RSVP by the Eighth of July


This is the space where the guest indicates their name. Traditionally it starts with an M________


This is where your guest lets you know if they are able to attend your big day. You can choose simple wording, such as

___ Accepts   ___ Declines

or you can get fun with it and use

___ Wouldn’t miss it for the world!  ___ Will be celebrating from afar


If you are having a sit down meal, your caterer will most likely want to know ahead of time which entree selection each guest desires. If you are having a buffet, or your caterer does not need to know, you can leave this line off. Typically, the each guest that is replying yes will initial their choice of entree.


To limit the number of guests and avoid any confusion, a line will typically be added with the number attending. Sometimes the couple will fill this out themselves or, if their guest list is a bit lenient, let the guest write in the number attending.

___ Seats Reserved in Your Name

___ Number Attending


Couple’s have been adding cute requests at the end of the response cards to get their guests involved in their wedding planning. The most common of them being  a song request. That way their guests have no reason not to get up on the dance floor and shake what their momma gave them!


Wedding Invitation Wording

By Ashlea

Wedding Invitation wording can be so daunting. What do you include? How do you say it? We have all the answers right here!

Wedding Invitations Wording


The invitation traditionally begins with an introduction indicating who is hosting the wedding. Which may be the brides parents, grooms parents, a combination of the bride and groom and their families or the couple themselves.


Request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter


Request the pleasure of your company

One set of parents:

Mr. and Mrs. James Ford
Request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter


Both sets of parents:

Mr. and Mrs. James Ford
along with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bradbury
Cordially invite you to attend the marriage of their children

Divorced Parents:

Ms. Taylor Ford Guessler
Mr. James Ford
Request the presence at the marriage of their daughter


Couple + Family/ Bride + Groom:

Together With Their Families

Anna and Alexander
invite you to share with them
in the joy of their wedding

Anna and Alexander
Request the pleasure of your company


The Bride and Grooms name will appear after the introduction and is usually larger in type. There are several ways to write out your names. If it’s a formal invitation and/or both set of parents are hosting, then the Bride and Groom with have their first and middle names with no last name. If the couple is hosting, then both first and last names are used – middle name is totally optional.


The month, day, year and time are all included in the details as well as the location. Traditionally, everything from the month to the time is spelled out.

Saturday, August Eighth, Two Thousand Fifteen
Six O’Clock in the Evening

Belhurst Castle
4069 W Lake Rd – Geneva, New York


The last line of the wedding invitations indicates what is to follow the ceremony. To keep things short and sweet, couples tend to add “Dinner and Dancing to follow”. If the reception is at a different place, a small or large enclosure is used for all of the additional information.


Be sure to keep a look out for upcoming posts on Response Card wording!

What’s in a Wedding Invitation?

By Ashlea

The hardest part of wedding invitations, once you found the perfect design, is what pieces to the invitation you need to include. There are several options to choose from, depending on how traditional or non-traditional you want to go. Here at Shine Wedding Invitations, we offer all of our pieces a la carte letting you completely customize your wedding stationery suite!

Elegant mint wedding invitations


We have three options for paper, all of which are professionally printed using a high quality commercial press that results in bold saturated colors and rich text.

Our most popular choice for paper is our Signature Shimmer. It is a 137lb heavyweight card stock with a white base and a subtle shimmer finish – it truly is very elegant. Our Signature Shimmer also comes in Ivory, upon request, and has the same subtle shimmer finish but with a gorgeous ivory tone.

We also offer our Luxe Matte paper. It is 130lb upscale heavyweight card stock with a lush, matte, uncoated finish.


The invitation is the main part of the wedding stationery suite and is printed on your choice of signature shimmer or luxe matte paper. The invitation includes the wording to your ceremony – time, date, location, etc. Wording is fully customizable based on your preference!

Simple and Elegant Wedding Invitation

Response Cards 

Traditionally, the response card is the card in which the guest fills out and mails back letting you know if they can make it or not. This usually includes their meal of choice (if you are having a sit down dinner) and how many guests (if any) they are bringing. You can also get creative with this as to the wording you choose for Accepts and Regrets, but we will touch more on that later!

Elegant RSVP card

Many couples are choosing to use this card without an envelope and having the guests RSVP through their website which they add to the response cards.


Small Enclosure 

Our small enclosure is recommended as a reception card if your reception is at a different venue than the ceremony. The venue names, address, and starting time will go onto this piece. The small enclosure is best used for any small amount of information that is traditionally not on the main wedding invitation.

Reception Card with gorgeous script font

There are several other options to use a small enclosure card:

– Reception Card

– Registry Information

– Wishing Well

– Wedding Website Information

– Morning After Brunch

– Rehearsal Dinner

– Day After Plans

The possibilities are endless and wording is fully customizable!

Large Enclosure

Our large enclosures are recommended for anything that will have a detailed amount of information, such as accommodations, travel, additional information, or directions.

Accommodations, Travel, Directions card

Our large enclosures can also be used for any of information for the small enclosure above if you have a decent amount of information.


Our invitations comes standard with our A7 white signature shimmer or luxe matte envelopes. We also offer inner(A7)/outer(A8) envelopes as well. For inner and outer envelopes, the invitation is stuffed in the inner envelope with an informal mention of exactly who is invited while the outer A8 envelope is reserved for the guests formal name and address. Using outer envelopes is the most traditional form; however, most couples are opting out and just using standard A7 envelopes.

Guest Addressing and Return Addressing 

We offer guest addressing and return addressing for each of our invitation and response envelopes. Just provide us with your guests names and addresses and we will do all the work for you! However, if guest addressing isn’t in your budget, any ball point pen will work as well as any permanent marker style art pen. We recommend practicing with any pen before addressing any envelopes, just to make sure it is what you are looking for.

Guest Addressing and Return Addressing on A7 Standard Envelopes

For guest addressing, the names and addresses will be printed on the front with fonts to match your suite, in black ink. Return addressing is printed on the back flap of the envelopes in fonts to match your design as well. Our response card envelopes are standard A1 and we offer return addressing as well, which is printed on the front of the envelope.

Response card envelope A1

Envelope Liners 

If you are looking for a pop of color, we recommend our DIY envelope liners. They come fully customizable in any color combination or pattern in our Shine color chart! Our envelope liners come with tape strips and instructions and are easy to assemble! It is a great way to add a bit of whimsy or sophistication to your wedding invitation suite.

Mint scalloped envelope liner


Belly Band Wrapper

Also known as belly bands, wrappers are another way to add a pop of color to your invitation suite. They are also a great way to keep all of the components of the suite together while adding a nice touch with either your monogram, wedding date, names, or just a pop of color! Our wrappers are also DIY and come with glue dots and instructions for easy assembly.

1940s elegant mint wedding invitations with scallops

Remember that all of these pieces in the wedding stationery suite are a la carte and completely wording and color customizable. If you are ready to place an order or would like to know prices, head over to our website, Shine Wedding Invitations and get started!

If you have any additional questions please feel free to leave a comment below or email us at!

what's in a wedding invitation?