Guest Addressing for your Wedding Invitations

Return and Guest Addressing

Shine Wedding Invitations is proud to offer full service return and guest addressing for save the date, response, and wedding invitation envelopes. You can kiss hand cramps goodbye and say hello to extra time for relaxation during the very busy process of planning your wedding!

Guest Addressing

With guest addressing, your guests’ names and addresses will be printed on the front of your save the date or invitation envelopes in black ink, using fonts to match your design.

Return Addressing

With return addressing, your name and return address will be printed on the back flap of your save the date or invitation envelopes in black ink,using fonts that match your design. For response envelopes, your name and address will be printed on the front so your guests have convenient way to send back their response cards.

Shown above is an invitation envelope with both return and guest addressing. Matches our Modern Luxe design.

How to Order

Adding return and guest addressing options to your order is easy. Just select the options you’d like to include during the personalization step.  Your guest spreadsheet can be uploaded at that time.  It’s that easy.

Spreadsheet Setup Instructions

We do require a specific formatting for guest spreadsheets before we can begin designing your envelopes.  For guest addressing, start with a clean spreadsheet and do not add tabs, extra spaces, or carriage returns within cells. Create the following columns: “Name”, “Address”, “City”, “State”, “Zip” and optionally “Country”. Enter your guest information exactly as you would like it to appear on your envelopes. For names or addresses that you would like to have on a second line, use a ; to denote the line break. Enter information for only one envelope per row.

Click here to Download our Guest Addressing Spreadsheet!

Please note that spreadsheets must be formatted to the specifications above before we can accept them. Additionally, we only accept one spreadsheet per order.  More than 10  address changes after the initial proof round will result in a spreadsheet re-import fee of $25, so be sure to check over your addresses carefully before submission.

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