1980s: A Brief History of Wedding Invitations

We’ve found many commonalities between the wedding invitations we’ve uncovered from the 1980s and the invitations we’ve found from previous decades. Often featuring a script font and the same sections of invitations that are still seen in present-day announcements, these invitations further the case that wedding invitations remain a consistent staple of American culture.

wedding invitation from 1981
Glover-Leyndyke Wedding Announcement – March 21, 1981

This invitation from 1981 features a pretty script font. It has standard wedding invitation wording–opening by announcing the hosts, requesting the presence of the invitee, listing the bride and groom, and the day, date, time and location of the wedding. There is also a reception section in the lower left-hand corner of the invitation.

wedding invitation from 1982
Cozza-Cordero Wedding Announcement – August 28, 1982

In this invitation, you can see that there is more than one couple hosting the wedding. They chose to list both parties on separate lines at the beginning of the invite. It is unclear if this invitation is to the actual marriage or just to the reception–they invite you to join the celebration when their children exchange vows. They then proceed to list the day, date, time, and location of the event. The last thing to note is that this invitation has an embossed design border.

wedding invitation from 1984
Benson-Alexander Wedding Announcement – November 10, 1984

This invitation from 1984 is uniquely designed. The main announcement is contained in a pretty circular design, and details are listed below in two small sections that are centered on the page. The first section outlines the marriage ceremony, and the second section details the reception.

wedding invitation from 1989
Denney-Kolshorn Wedding Announcement – May 10, 1989

This booklet invitation is similar to others that we’ve seen so far. It features an embossed design on the left side of the inner page. This is the first wedding invitation we’ve found where the bride and groom are clearly listed as the hosts of the wedding, and no parents are mentioned. This is a modern practice, and certainly points to changing times. Otherwise, this invitation fits in with all of the others we’ve uncovered on our journey through wedding invitations of the 1900s!

Glover-Leyndyke Wedding Announcement
Cozza-Cordero Wedding Announcement
Benson-Alexander Wedding Announcement
Denney-Kolshorn Wedding Announcement

Classic Script Wedding Invitations

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