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A Guide to Mexican Wedding Traditions

Mexican weddings are spectacular events focused on family, faith, and fun. With over 72% of the population identifying as Catholic, the faith is the basis for many Mexican wedding traditions.Whether you are planning a wedding with Mexican elements or have been invited to one, having a good understanding of Mexican traditions can help you know the proper wedding etiquette and help you appreciate th ...


How To Make Your Wedding Announcement Memorable

You said, “I do,” and are now ready to share the great news of your wedding with the world. You’re so excited that you want to shout it from the mountain tops! You probably feel that posting a picture on social media doesn’t do your wedding justice. Instead, what you need are wedding announcements. Wedding announcement cards are a classy way to share your good news with tho ...


What’s a Jack and Jill Party and How to Have an Amazing One

Sometimes the honeymoon phase starts early, and you want to celebrate every moment with your husband-to-be by your side. Traditional bridal showers are female-only and don’t give you the freedom to include your groom or other important men in your life.There’s another party you may not have heard of. The Jack and Jill party is a perfect opportunity to include your fiancé and mal ...


How to Design the Most Romantic Wedding Invitations

One of the most romantic moments at a wedding is when the groom first turns around at the altar to see his bride slowly making her way up the aisle. Another moment is the first dance as husband and wife. The crowd fades into the background, and it’s just the bride and groom on the floor staring into each other’s eyes.How can you capture those feelings and moments in a romantic wedding ...

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