1910s: A Brief History of Wedding Invitations

This week our focus is on wedding invitations from the 1910s, and we’re excited to show you what we’ve found! First up is an invitation from 1911.

wedding invitation from 1911
Corlis-Heaton Wedding Announcement – December 6, 1911

This announcement from 1911 tells us about a wedding in Vermont. Using an elegant script font, the announcement places a focus on the hosts, bride, and groom by using a larger font size for their names. Larger font was also used for the location of the wedding. The flow of the announcement is very similar to the structure of a modern invitation. It begins with the host line, lists the bride and groom, and then announces the day, date, and town of the wedding. As was standard for wedding announcements at the time, they did not include a request line or any specific ceremony details.

wedding invitation from 1912
McCormack-Coon Wedding Announcement – June 25, 1912

This wedding invitation from 1912 features a slightly more playful script than the announcement from 1911, but similarly, it does use a larger font for all names included–something that is still done on some wedding invitations today. Because a request line is included on the invitation, the specific time and location of the ceremony is listed and invitees have all the information they need to attend!

wedding invitation from 1916
Howe-DeWolf Wedding Announcement – March 7, 1916

This wedding invitation from 1916 includes all the parts of a standard invitation, and is very similar to the invitation from 1912. Featuring a slanted script font, the information is snugly placed in the center of the stationery. This invitation is very simple and elegant for the time period.

wedding invitation from 1918
Appleman-Williams Wedding Announcement – November 15, 1918

This wedding announcement from 1918 is the most styled announcement we’ve seen so far! It’s the first announcement we’ve come across that features an entirely different font for the names of the people involved with the ceremony. The body text of the announcement is a script font, which was standard of the time period. However, the names of the hosts, bride, and groom are emphasized with a serif font in small caps. This is the beginning of more styled wedding announcements, and we can’t get enough of it!

We can’t wait to continue our journey next week and see how wedding invitations have evolved over time.

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Corlis-Heaton Wedding Announcement
McCormack-Coon Wedding Announcement
Howe-DeWolf Wedding Announcement
Appleman-Williams Wedding Announcement

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