1920s: A Brief History of Wedding Invitations

The Roaring Twenties are well-known in the western world for flappers, jazz music, and prohibition. Even though culture was incredibly bold and rapidly changing during this time, the world of wedding announcements and invitations stayed relatively consistent. We’ve found a few wedding invitations from the 1920s, and we’re honestly a little surprised to see just how traditional they remained. Three more invitations are shown below for your perusal.

wedding invitation from 1921
Kronson-Weinberg Wedding Announcement – June 7, 1921

The declaration above announces Rae Kronson’s marriage to Isidore Weinberg in 1921. The paper used has an embossed border–the second one we’ve seen in our investigation of wedding invitations. It is also folded in the middle, which is typical of wedding invitations at the time. It features a traditional script font and includes all the standard sections of a wedding announcement. Only Mr. Kronson is listed as the host of the wedding, then the bride and groom are listed, followed by the day of the wedding and the town they were married in. Since this is an announcement and not an invitation, they did not include any ceremony specifics.

wedding invitation from 1923
Walter-Furnas Wedding Announcement – September 15, 1923

This wedding invitation is unique–it is the only invitation we’ve found so far that includes what time the wedding is happening in a different time zone. We’re not sure why you would need that information, but it is certainly interesting that they included it! They must have invited guests from many miles away. The invitation features all the standard sections you would expect to see, but also includes a reception line. Right around this time, it became popular to include where the wedding reception would be located in the lower left hand corner of the invitation. Other features of the invitation consistent of the time period are the middle fold and elegant script font.

wedding invitation from 1926
Thorward-Moore Wedding Announcement – June 12, 1926

This wedding invitation from 1926 is right along the lines of what we’ve seen so far in the world of wedding invitations. Once again, it features a middle fold, embossed border and elegant script font. It begins by declaring the host, requesting the guest’s presence, announcing the bride and groom, and lastly lists the day, date, time and location of the ceremony.

As we look back at wedding invitations from the early 1900s, we see that they are truly timeless and traditional. From 1900 to 1925, nearly all of the invitations have the same look and feel and formally declare the union of two people in love. Across the board we see invitations that feature script fonts, the names of hosts, brides and grooms, and the towns and states they’re getting married in. Formal wedding announcements are a true staple of American culture, and we love seeing how far back the tradition goes and how they’ve evolved over time.

Here at Shine Wedding Invitations, we’re proud to be part of such a meaningful and deep-rooted part of culture. We love creating beautiful and timeless wedding stationery to honor and remember one of the most important parts of a person’s life.

Walter-Furnas Wedding Announcement
Thorward-Moore Wedding Announcement
Kronson-Weinberg Wedding Announcement

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