1960s: A Brief History of Wedding Invitations

The 1960s were a time of great cultural change in the United States. Even with everything rapidly transforming, sending paper wedding invitations remained a standard practice. We’ve found a few invitations from the 1960s, and you can see the different styles below.

wedding invitation from 1960
wedding invitation from 1960
White-Oliff Wedding Announcement – September 10, 1960

This 1960 wedding invitation is the third booklet style invitation we’ve seen so far. This time, we actually have a picture of the outside of the wedding invitation as well. It features an embossed monogram in the middle of the front of the invitation, along with some embossed greenery in the lower right-hand corner. When you open the invitation, the host line is followed by a blank line–space for a guest’s name to be written. This is the only invitation we’ve seen with a spot for a handwritten name. Another uncommon and notable part of the invitation is that the reception line is included in the body text of the invitation. Up until now, we’ve seen reception information on a separate card or in the lower left-hand corner of the invitation. This invitation also includes a printed “RSVP” in the lower right-hand corner of the inside of the invitation.

wedding invitation from 1963
Won Suh-Ho Kim Wedding Announcement – February 2, 1963

This wedding invitation from 1963 has many of the features we’ve seen in other invitations. There is no host line listed, but a request line is followed by the bride and groom, day, date and time. The address of the ceremony location is included in the body text of the invitation. A reception section is included in the lower-left hand corner of the invitation.

wedding invitation from 1964
wedding reception card from 1964
Fisher-Johnson Wedding Announcement – June 7, 1964

Of the invitations we’ve seen so far from the 1960s, this one is the most traditional. Featuring a pretty script font, the invitation is incredibly standard. However, the invitation did include a reception card, which was becoming more popular during this time. This is the second time we’ve seen a separate reception card along with an invitation.

wedding invitation from 1967
Johnson-Robb Wedding Announcement – December 9, 1967

We found another presidential wedding invitation, and this one is from 1967. Featuring the presidential seal front and center, President and Mrs. Johnson are the hosts of the wedding of their daughter, Lynda Bird Johnson. The invitation uses a pretty script, and includes a request line, lists the bride and groom, day, date, time and location.

It is worth noting that we did not see any embossed borders on any of the invitations this time around–they have finally faded out of style. We see much greater variety in what’s included on the invitation itself, along with the way the information is displayed. It will be interesting to see what wedding invitation styles we’ll find in the 1970s!

White-Oliff Wedding Announcement
Won Suh-Ho Kim Wedding Announcement
Fisher-Johnson Wedding Announcement
Johnson-Robb Wedding Announcement

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