A Little Letterpress Lesson

Using letterpress printing methods on wedding stationery has recently become very popular. These modern prints leave a deep impression on the paper, giving the stationery a beautiful look and feel to it.

Letterpress printing was the everyday method of printing for a vast majority of history, used on everything from books to newspapers. Before the 1980s, most machines were designed to lightly kiss the paper with ink, and the prints did not have any depth to them. In fact, it was considered a bad print if there was any impression left on the paper at all! However, with this modern revival of letterpress printing, people are looking for an intentional impression on the paper.

We do have to admit that the embossed look and feel of the paper adds to the experience of the stationery!

Delicate Elegance letterpress stationery suite

Our letterpress stationery collection is custom printed on an antique letterpress, resulting in deep impressions and a dramatic embossed look. Letterpress wedding invitations come standard with double envelopes for a finished look and extra protection during mailing. We hope you love the look as much as we do!

Delicate Elegance Letterpress Wedding Invitations

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