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Are Digital Wedding Invitations an Option?

Before settling on your wedding details, you're weighing all your options. With costs adding up and time running out, you may have entertained sending digital wedding invitations. Digital invitations have tremendous benefits. However, do the pros outweigh the cons of digital wedding invites?

Explore some reasons why brides consider digital wedding invitations and learn how to combine the digital with traditional, timeless elements to create an elegant yet informative experience for guests.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Print invitations are more elegant and memorable than digital invitations.
  • While digital invites are eco-friendly and cost-efficient, brides have other options to stay on budget and eco-friendly.
  • Combine your digital experience and paper invites through a wedding website.

Pros of Digital Wedding Invitations

Are digital wedding invitations acceptable?

Yes, digital invitations are acceptable. However, they aren't preferable. If you're planning a traditional wedding, paper invites are a must to stay within the etiquette and keep that timeless feel.

Nevertheless, there are several benefits to using digital wedding invitations, which is why some couples on strict budgets consider this modern option instead of traditional luxury print invites.

1. Cost Efficient

Perhaps the most alluring benefit of digital invites is the cost. Digital invitations cost less than $100. With all the other wedding expenses, brides on a budget might prefer to cut back on the stationery budget.

Before considering cutting costs through stationery, think about your other options. After all, stationery is just 8% of your overall budget, which won't have as significant an impact as cutting back on the other 82% of your budget.

Wedding invites play a significant role in your wedding and set the event's tone. So, you'll want to ensure you invest enough in your invites to match the elegance of your entire wedding.

Instead of skipping the paper invites, you might consider inviting fewer guests. Then, you'll have a larger budget to spend. You can create the wedding of your dreams, complete with elegant paper invitations wrapped in silk ribbon.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Are you planning an eco-friendly wedding?

You might be concerned about the environmental impact of paper invitations and consider going digital to cut your carbon footprint.

However, when you invest in quality wedding invitations, the invite has fewer harmful plastics. Your guests will also likely keep the invite as a keepsake rather than the invite ending up in landfills.

If you want to minimize your wedding's environmental impact, here are a few other suggestions for having a stunning eco-friendly wedding:

  • Wear inherited jewelry (Like your grandma's wedding necklace)
  • Use sustainable diamonds
  • Register for eco-friendly household items (or ask for donations to an environmental non-profit)
  • Have an outdoor wedding
  • Serve ethically sourced food
  • Create a bouquet with local seasonal flowers
  • Rent rather than buy décor and equipment
  • Donate wedding items after the ceremony
  • Switch out the rice toss with lavender or flower petals

3. Easier to Create

There is no denying that digital invitations are much easier to create. You have no assembly and send them out immediately.

Weddings are overwhelming with your long to-do lists. However, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the elegant details in favor of easier options.

Instead of skipping paper invites, why not ask for help?

For example, Shine Wedding Invitations has designers that handle all the design aspects, so you don't have to worry about picking out colors and fonts. Just provide your details, and we can take it from there. Then, you can review and ask for edits or accept the invitation design.

We'll send you pre-addressed invitations you can easily send out with minimal hassle and maximum impact.

4. Faster to Send

Digital invitations are much faster to send and receive responses. Once you create a digital invite, you can send it with a click of a button and receive responses the same day.

With proper planning, you wouldn't need to worry about sending out invitations fast. Plan to order your invitations around six months before your wedding to give you a relaxing schedule for designing and sending the invites.

Then, request your RSVPs three to five weeks before so you can give a final headcount to the venue, caterers, and other relevant vendors.

Enjoy the elegance of paper invitations without stressing about the timing of sending invites and receiving responses.

Are digital invitations better? The final answer is up to you. However, before you settle on digital invites, consider the benefits of print invitations.

Pros of Printed Wedding Invitations

Do you need paper wedding invitations?

Digital invitations have plenty of benefits, which make them a fantastic option for birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and relaxed affairs. However, weddings are one of the most significant events of your life, so why not invest more time and effort into creating a memorable, elegant invitation?

Here are four reasons to consider skipping the digital invite for your wedding and using a traditional print invite.

1. More Elegant

Digital invitations don't even come close to the elegance of quality paper with a wax seal announcing your wedding. So instead, choose from our dozens of timeless designs that use sweeping calligraphy, stunning letterpress printing, and luxurious vellum jackets to create an impression.

2. Tangible Keepsake

Print invitations are keepsakes your guests can hang up leading up to your event. In addition, your stunning card will adorn their fridge or office magnet board, reminding them of your upcoming wedding.

You and your family can keep a copy of the invitation in your scrapbook or use it in photos. However, if you rely on digital invitations, you'll lose the invitation after sending it since there's no physical equivalent to keep and incorporate into your event.

3. Memorable Experience

Paper invitations are more memorable. Remember that feeling of getting a letter in the mail? You feel a rush of anticipation walking to the mailbox and a spark of excitement when you see envelopes sitting in the box with your name.

The average person receives over 100 emails a day. In comparison, over half of people say they haven't received a personal letter in five years.

So, if you want your invitation to stand out, send it through the mail. You'll receive a positive response and have a higher chance of your guests seeing, reading, and responding to it.

4. Complements Digital Information

Paper invitations don't mean you can't use digital tools—quite the contrary. For example, wedding websites and online registries make modern weddings more enjoyable by providing complementary information to your wedding invite.

However, instead of only offering a digital experience, start your guests' experience with a paper invite. Then, include a small insert that directs them to your wedding website, where you can share pictures, your engagement story, your wedding registry, and any other relevant details.

Design Your Perfect Wedding Invitation

Shine Wedding Invitations helps brides design elegant wedding invitations without the hassle. Our expert designers work with dozens of invitation options to create a customized timeless wedding invitation at the same high standard as your entire wedding.

Order a free sample to view some of our luxury wedding invitation designs.

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