How to Tie Silk Ribbon

Romantic Calligraphy wedding invitations with silk ribbon

Here at Shine Wedding Invitations, we offer our clients custom dyed 100% silk charmeuse ribbon. With its highly sought after finish, this is the most expensive silk ribbon available. One side of the ribbon has a soft sheen, and the other has a matte finish as a result of the way the fabric is woven. This creates beautiful contrast and movement when the ribbon is unraveled. Silk charmeuse is more delicate and softer than other silks, giving you and your guests a truly luxurious experience.

Our ribbon is manufactured in large batches with tight quality control, resulting in consistent color from start to finish. Our clients can count on their ribbon quality to be superb, with little to no variation. This is an incredible option if you’re looking for elegant, clean, and cohesive wedding decor!

The ribbon is an inch and a half wide, and over 14’ long. It will arrive neatly raveled on beautiful wooden spools. When you cut the ribbon to your suite’s recommended length, it is best to cut it at an angle with fabric shears or new scissors to prevent the ribbon from fraying. We recommend that you use 22” of ribbon for portrait invitations and 31” of ribbon for landscape invitations. When you place a ribbon order with Shine, you will receive enough ribbon to tie your invitations, and an extra spool just in case!

Non-machinable postage is required when mailing invitations tied with our silk ribbon, and we recommend hand-canceling your own invitations at the post office to make sure everything is handled carefully! Please note, we are not responsible for how the postal service handles the stationery when shipped.

Our final recommendation is to tie your ribbons in flat knots. For a closer look at how to tie the ribbon, keep reading!

How to tie silk ribbon

1. Place 100% silk charmeuse ribbon behind invitation; matte side up
2. Fold both ends across front of invitation and tuck end “A” under end “B”
3. Pull both ends tight and place finger in middle of tie to prevent knot from being loose
4. Continue holding tie in middle and fold end “A” upward toward top of invite
5. Hold the tie in middle, fold end “B” across end “A” and tuck end “B” through end “A”
6. Start pulling both ends tight until your beautiful flat knot is ready to send

Silk Ribbon Sample

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