Modern Pink Wedding Inspiration

Pink isn’t just for Barbie and bubblegum! When a pink wedding is done right, not only is it approachable, but it’s elegant and undeniably beautiful. We’ve collected our favorite modern pink wedding photos to inspire you and show you the best ways to use pink in your wedding.

modern pink wedding inspiration

Our Alison stationery suite is the perfect addition to a modern pink wedding. Featuring a light and airy serif font, the bride and groom’s names are the focus of this simple and chic suite. Alison can be seen paired with a garden rose envelope liner in rose gold in the photo above.

To add a little extra charm to your invites, check out our 100% silk charmeuse ribbon. Use it to tie your suite together for the most luxurious wedding invitation experience. We also recommend tying your flatware and wrapping your floral bouquets with ribbon! With endless possibilities, you can truly make the stationery suite your own, and brand your wedding from start to finish.

Photo Credit
Ring: Amy Caroline Photography, Florals
Drinks: Michele Beckwith Photography
Bride: Angela Newton Roy Photography, Florals
Stationery: Shine Wedding Invitations
Tablescape: Styling, Florals
Shoes: Lauren Peele Photography

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

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