Present: A Brief History of Wedding Invitations

This post concludes our series on the history of wedding invitations! In response to changes in technology and culture, present day invitations have evolved to be more creative and customized than invitations of the twentieth century. Here we’ll show you some of the major categories of popular wedding invitations today.

modern wedding invitations with a monogram
Modern Wedding Invitations

For the city bride or the fashion-forward, modern wedding stationery designs are currently making a statement. Our Glam Monogram suite is shown above, featuring a sophisticated monogram and vintage script. Other popular monogram designs include Upscale Monogram and Wreath Monogram, with colored borders and an olive branch accent respectively. Our Zarah suite is another popular alternative featuring a stylish serif font with script accents.

romantic calligraphy wedding invitation
Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

Calligraphy is perfectly adding drama to invitations for romantic brides. Our Romantic Calligraphy suite is shown above. Garden Romance is another popular suite featuring a pretty and soft script. Elegant Romance is a great choice for brides that want a landscape invitation, and our Charlotte suite is perfect for a dreamy wedding.

classic script wedding invitations
Classic Wedding Invitations

Classic designs have never gone out of style. Our most popular invitation for traditional brides is Classic Script, shown above. Poppy is a great alternative for brides with an affinity for minimalism. Our Simply Classic and Garden Elegance suites feature a simple and beautiful script font that classic brides can’t resist.

Wedding invitations from all categories often include ribbon, too! View our entire collection to see what else present day brides are buying. We hope you enjoyed our journey through time to see the evolution of wedding invitations!

Glam Monogram Wedding Invitations

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