Soft and Romantic Pastel Wedding Inspiration

There’s something magical about soft, pastel weddings. The combination of light colors look so dreamy and whimsical that it’s hard to believe we’re not in a fairy tale! When a pastel wedding is done right, you’ll definitely have a hard time heading back to reality. See the collage below to get great ideas on how to create your own upscale, pastel wedding.

soft and romantic pastel wedding inspiration

You can add softness and romance to any wedding with our Romantic Calligraphy letterpress invitations. The look and feel of our cotton paper alone is enough to captivate your guests, but the beautiful calligraphy featured in the suite is sure to have them smitten. You can see how perfectly the invitations pair with pastel weddings above, featuring a simple watercolor envelope liner in rose gold to play with the pretty colors.

Photo Credit
Bride: Joseba Sandoval Photography, Gown
Bridesmaid: Still55 Photography, Florals, Dress
Cake: Amalie Orrange Photography, Sprinkles Custom Cakes
Stationery:Shine Wedding Invitations
Tablescape: Joseba Sandoval Photography, Florals and Event Planning, Venue
Floral bridesmaids: Cappy Hotchkiss Photography, Florals, Dresses
Jewelry: Anna Routh Photography
Table arrangement: Kevin Chin Photography, Florals, Venue
Shoes: A. Fogarty Photography, Florals
Bridal bouquet: Amy Arrington Photography, Florals, Gown

Romantic Calligraphy Letterpress Wedding Invitations

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