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Wedding Day Stationery

Create a cohesive look from start to finish with our wide range of day-of accessories.

Multiple accessories matching our Gemma design

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Gemma MenusStarting at $175.00Your choice of paper, ink colors, and ribbonShop Now
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Gemma Table NumbersStarting at $27.00Your choice of paper, ink colors and sizeShop Now
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Gemma Place CardsStarting at $90.00Your choice of paper and ink colorShop Now
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Gemma ProgramsStarting at $155.00Your choice of paper and ink colorShop Now
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Gemma Seating ChartsStarting at $165.00Your choice of size and paperShop Now
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Gemma Thank You CardsStarting at $135.00Your choice of paper, colors and personalized stylingShop Now
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Gemma Favor TagsStarting at $88.00Your choice of size, ink color and ribbonShop Now
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Gemma SignsStarting at $45.00Your choice of paper,size, and ink colorShop Now
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Gemma Welcome SignsStarting at $125.00Your choice of size and paperShop Now
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Austin Custom Signs on a Neutral Floral BackgroundStarting at $25.00Your choice of paper, colors and messageShop Now
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Multiple accessories matching our Gemma design
A bride and groom embrace on their wedding day. The groom is kissing the bride on the cheek while she smiles happily and looks down.A bride and groom walk together through a lush green field toward the camera. The couple gazes at each other while they hold hands.A bride and groom snuggle into each other for a brief moment. The couple smiles to themselves, while the bride is holding a large bouquet of white flowers.

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Creating a cohesive look from start to finish is essential to making your wedding day truly unforgettable. From the wedding invitation suite to the day-of accessories, every detail should work together to create a seamless and stunning experience. By incorporating matching accessories, you can effortlessly tie together your wedding day design and bring your vision to life. Our wide range of day-of accessories can help you achieve this cohesive look, from matching programs andmenus to place cards and table numbers. Whether you’re going for a romantic, garden vibe or an elegant, formal affair, we have the perfect accessories to complement your wedding invitation suite and bring your wedding day vision to life. So, let us help you create a wedding day that is not only beautiful but truly cohesive from start to finish.


Day-of stationery refers to the paper goods and signage used on the day of the wedding, such as programs, menus, escort cards, table numbers, and signage. It is an important element of the wedding design as it helps keep your theme consistent from save the dates to wedding invitations and throughout the entire wedding day. Having cohesive day-of stationery can add an extra special touch to your wedding, and at Shine Wedding Invitations, we offer a variety of customizable options to ensure your day-of stationery matches your wedding invitations perfectly.


All the stationery you will need for your wedding:

  • Save the Dates
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Thank You Cards
  • Dinner Menus
  • Place Cards or Seating Charts
  • Ceremony Programs such as Trifold Programs or Booklet Programs
  • Welcome Signs
  • Wedding Signs such as Reserved Signs, Gift Signs and Cards Signs
  • Custom Signs


There are several reasons why having high-quality stationery is important for your wedding day:

  1. Memorable Photos: Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to capture every moment of it through photos. High-quality stationery can be a beautiful and unique addition to your photos, creating special details that can be captured in photographs and cherished for years to come.
  2. Setting the Tone: Your wedding stationery sets the tone for your big day, and it is the first impression that your guests will have of what to expect. It is important to continue the theme of your invitations through your day-of stationery, creating a cohesive and elegant look.
  3. Informing Your Guests: Wedding stationery such as ceremony programs and menus provide important information to your guests, helping them understand what is happening throughout the day and what to expect. By providing clear and high-quality information, you can ensure that your guests feel comfortable and informed throughout your wedding day.
  4. Elevating Your Wedding: High-quality stationery can also help elevate your wedding, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall decor. By paying attention to the details and investing in quality stationery, you can create a truly beautiful and styled wedding day that you and your guests will remember forever.
  5. High-quality stationery for your wedding day is important because it can create memorable photos, set the tone for your wedding, inform your guests, and elevate the overall look and feel of your big day. Investing in quality stationery is a worthwhile expense that can help make your wedding day even more special and beautiful.


As a general rule of thumb, you should plan to allocate around 4-6% of your total wedding budget towards stationery items. This budget should account for must-have items such as ceremony programs, seating charts and place cards or escort cards, dinner menus, welcome signs, table numbers, and custom signage like signature drink signs and reserved seating signs.

Of course, the actual cost of your wedding stationery will depend on a variety of factors, including the number of guests you have, the level of customization you desire, and the specific design elements you choose. If you’re on a tighter budget, basic options are available, while higher budgets can allow for extra embellishments such as ribbon, and wax seals to make your stationery even more special.

While investing in high-quality wedding day stationery may seem like an additional expense, it is well worth the cost. Not only does it elevate the overall look and feel of your wedding, but it also provides beautiful photo opportunities that you and your guests will cherish for years to come.

At Shine Wedding Invitations, we offer a wide range of stationery items to carry your wedding theme throughout your big day. Whether you’re looking for elegant invitations, personalized place cards, or custom signage, we have you covered. So, go ahead and budget for your stationery needs – it’s a worthwhile investment that will make your wedding day even more beautiful and unforgettable.