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What to Include in an Elegant Wedding Invitation Suite Your Guests Will Love

Hey there beautiful bride! Are you getting ready to fill out the details of your wedding invitations, but wondering what you should include for each of your guests to remain exquisite and elegant? No problem at all! We, the designers and experts here at Shine Wedding Invitations, are here to lend a hand in this planning process. From the additional information about parking and accommodations right down to the fine, minute details within the invitation itself, we won’t let you down!

Here’s some advice, from us to you. Breathe. We’re going to make this the simplest part of your wedding planning process. With all the ins and outs, you’re going to be a wedding expert before you know it. So, sit back, relax, and read on!

How to Present the Most Elegant Wedding Invitations

It’s all in the fine details. This well-known phrase certainly rings true for wedding invites – the formality of guest addressing, how your meal choices are listed on the response card, and how all the pieces of the invitation are thoughtfully held together. These are all aspects we assess and use to create our Shine brides’ custom elegant wedding invitations. Let’s start with the envelopes.

light purple wedding invitation suite and matching envelopes

The Importance of Your Envelopes

Just as the first impression of a cake is found in the number of tiers, frosting design, and any additional adornments, your wedding invitation envelope creates an initial look and feel that sets the tone for your big day. We’re here to make sure your envelopes are like a dream wedding cake: impressive and photo-worthy.


There are two envelope styles that are commonly used within the wedding invitation industry: single and double. While both styles will continue to take your wedding invitation suite to the next level, our single envelope style is more common with our classic wedding invitations. With single envelopes, your guests’ names and addresses will be printed on the front of the envelope and your return addressing on the back flap.

Although single is a beautiful choice, we highly recommend our double envelope style for all wedding invitation suites, as they will better protect your stationery throughout the mailing process. Double envelopes are the most traditional of the two styles. The outer envelope would have the name of the household printed on the front, while the inner envelope would have the names of the guests actually invited to the wedding. Once the mail was delivered, the doorman would remove the outer envelope, which had been scuffed up and stamped, and then present the beautifully spotless inner envelope to the family member it addressed. The double envelope style is the best way to present your wedding invitations, so your guests can fully experience them from start to finish.


This printing service is printed on the front of the single envelope or the outer envelope of the double envelope style. Simply fill out your guest addressing template, with your each of your guest’s addresses, and submit it to your designer for implementation.

Formal Example:
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fitzpatrick
267 Woodcourt Lane
Chicago, Illinois 15305

Informal Example:
Robert and Penny Fitzpatrick
267 Woodcourt Lane
Chicago, Illinois 15305


Inner envelope name printing is available for the inner envelopes, included in our double envelope sets. This addressing service is just for the guests names – no addresses are necessary.

Formal Example:
Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick

Informal Example:
Robert and Penny


This printing service is for you to be able to include your address on the back flap of the envelope, just in case things don’t go as planned and the invitation needs to be returned the the sender. This service is also available for response envelopes, which would print the return address on the front of the envelope, so your guests can easily mail back their responses.


To add another small, gorgeous detail to your suite, we recommend using customized stamps. With online ordering, stamps can be easily created with any image or personalization you desire. We just adore wedding invitation suites that are completely cohesive from start to finish including the smallest of details. These stamps add the perfect touch to any envelope.

See a beautiful example of a soft blush stamp here. You’re more of a dark merlot type? Then, your heart may melt over this deep purple stamp and envelope liner set.


Looking for a little bit of color? Envelope liners are perfect for bringing in another element to your already gorgeous wedding invitation suite. It just adds that extra special touch. One cannot help but be impressed when they open an envelope to find a chic, smooth lining within. We craft envelope liners that match the overall look, feel, and tone of the suite. Remember, this can be a solid color or a place to incorporate a pattern, such as a floral design.

Important Wedding Invitation Details

The invitation itself is what prepares your guests for the magical experience to come. It is to be a combination of beauty and helpfulness. Here is how to make sure it delivers the information they need to know in a stunning, aesthetic-driven way.

return address printed response envelopes and assembled suite in dusty pink


This enclosure, in addition to the wedding invitation, is most often used to provide further information about logistics and information for out-of-town guests. This may include details such as preferred accommodations, travel information, parking guidelines, directions to a location, a schedule of events, or even a rehearsal dinner invitation.

If you do decide to use the large enclosure as an invitation to another event on your wedding weekend, it is very important to remember to only include it in the invitation suite specific to those invited to the special event.


Like the large enclosure, the small card is also for additional information within the invitation suite. It is often in the form of a reception card that is essential for guests if the ceremony and reception are hosted at different venues or even at different times. The reception card typically includes where and when the reception will take place.

Other ways to use a small enclosure may include listing information for your wedding website, registry details, or any other brief information you’d like to have your guests know.


The response card helps you and your wedding planner confirm the attendees. If you’re having a buffet dinner, a meal inquiry is not necessary. However, if you are providing individual plates, it’s easiest to let your guest’s indicate their preference right on the response! This makes it simple to pass on the needed information to the caterer, including dietary restrictions.


To make the process as easy for your guests as possible, we recommend including an envelope with the proper return address and stamps all ready to be returned. This is a simple step that your guests will appreciate. Once again, it’s a great opportunity to use custom stamps!

Options that Truly Tie the Wedding Invitation Together

To make your suite truly complete, accessories are a must. Just as you layer jewelry or a scarf to bring an outfit together, we love seeing the fine details top off our upscale wedding invitations. Here are some of our favorite ways to polish an elegant wedding invitation suite.

light pink calligraphy vellum invitations and embellishments


The belly band, also referred to as an invitation wrap, bundles each part of the suite together. We adore this option and offer any color belly band for our Shine brides’ wedding invites. This is a wonderful option if you’d like to add in a little extra color or something to brand your wedding suite from start to finish.


Ribbon is a traditional adornment that never goes out of style. We offer 100% silk that will delicately transform your wedding invitation suite. With 17 colors to choose from, we’re certain this ribbon will only add amazing things to your suite, whether it be essences of romance, sophistication, or elegance. Find a fantastic example of using this complimentary embellishment at these clean and simple wedding invitations with silk ribbon.


Add the royal touch with a vellum jacket! The semi-sheer tri-fold wraps around your wedding invitation for an extra touch of elegance. A lovely way to bring this look together is with a wax seal, an option we love for our brides, or ribbon. It makes the invitation experience even more like opening a gift that will bring surprise and delight to your loved ones.


Bring something metallic to the mix and add a wax seal that encloses your vellum jacket. It will bring your guests’ minds back in the time of their favorite stories and tales of those like Jane Austen characters. After all, what better way to celebrate love than relate to a classic romance like Pride & Prejudice?

Save the Dates – Do you Send or Not?

Announcements to save your wedding date are another very important part of your wedding invitation suite. Although not sent together, the save the date will ensure that your guest’s place your big day on their calendars, so they don’t double book. We highly recommend mailing your save the dates out about 9-12 months before the actual wedding date.

Remain cohesive and consistent and match your save the dates to your invitations.

Customizing Your Elegant Wedding Invitation Suite

We want you to have your dream wedding experience, which all starts before the big day itself. That being said, your wedding stationery is the first look into your wedding. We want your guests to be delighted to receive your invitation suite and excited to send along their acceptances!

Find stationery that’s unique to you and your wedding by exploring our elegant wedding invitations.

Natalie wedding invitation framed with dreamy florals.

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