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What to Include in a Wedding Invitation

Ever wonder what to include in your wedding invitations? Learn about all of the pieces and components that go into creating a complete wedding invitation suite.

Invitation Pieces

There are 4 main pieces to an invitation suite. The invitation itself, response card, small enclosure, and large enclosure. Read on to learn about each one.


The invitation lists all of the important details - the couple's names, wedding date, time and ceremony location. Check out our wedding invitation wording guide for all the details.

Large Enclosure

This card can be used for any information you'd like to share with your guests, but it is commonly used to list preferred accommodation for out of town guests, directions, or parking information.

Other uses for the large enclosure include:

  • Transportation and/or Shuttles
  • Pre- or Post-Wedding Activities
  • Brunch Details
  • Weekend Activities
  • Rehearsal Dinner Details

Response Card & Envelope

Response cards allow you to find out who will be attending your wedding, as well as their meal choices (if applicable). Traditionally, response cards are filled out by your guests and then mailed back to you. Including postage on your response envelopes and pre-filling your return address is an etiquette must.

Optionally, you may do a response card with a QR code that will open an online tracking system on your guests' phones.

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Small Enclosure

The small enclosure is most commonly used as a reception card. If your ceremony is at a different venue than your reception, you will want to use the small enclosure to note the reception address and start time.

Other uses for the small enclosure include:

  • Wedding Websites
  • Registry Details
  • Future Address
  • Any other brief information you'd like to share

Belly Band

The belly band, or invitation wrapper, is used to bundle together your suite items. The band can be customized to any color and will be personalized to match your details.

Assembled Suite

Our bundled suites create a unique and unforgettable look for your stationery. Your stationery will ship flat and includes everything required for quick and easy assembly.

Invitation Envelope Details

Envelopes are a crucial component of your wedding invitation suite. Wedding invitations can be sent in a single envelope or in double envelopes (also known as inner and outer envelopes). Read on to learn the differences and when you should use one or the other.

envelope liner
Double Thick White Cotton EnvelopeWhite Matte Envelope Flap
Double Thick White Cotton Envelope
envelope liner
White Matte Envelope

Double Envelopes

Double envelopes (also called inner and outer envelopes) are a more formal and traditional option.

The outer envelope is used for mailing. The guest's household name and mailing address is listed on this envelope.

The inner envelope is used to hold your invitation suite and list your guest's names. It is inserted into the outer envelope, printed side towards the opening.

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Guest & Return Addressing

The outer envelope lists the household name and mailing address of your guests. Both return and guest addressing are available for the outer envelope to save time and create a polished look for your suite.

Using double envelopes gives your invitation an additional layer of protection from the mail system. The inner envelope stays clean and pristine, allowing your guests to use it as a pocket for your suite and also to save as a keepsake.

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Name Printing

Each of your invited guests will be individually listed on the inner envelope. This creates an intimate and personalized feel and also clearly indicates Who’s invited to the wedding.

Our optional name printing service saves time and creates an elegant and polished look for your suite. Learn how to prepare your spreadsheet for our name printing service.

For an extra special touch, do-it-yourself liners are available for the inner envelope in your choice of patter and color.

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Single Envelopes

Single envelopes are our standard envelope option. The mailing address and names of all invited guests go on the front of the envelope.

The optional do-it-yourself envelope liner can be customized in any pattern and color.

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Guest & Return Addressing

Our convenient and time saving guest addressing service creates an elegant and polished look for your wedding invitation suite. Guest addressing is done in fonts that match your invitation suite.

Complete your envelopes with return address printing. Return addressing is done on the back flap of your invitation envelopes in black ink using fonts that match your invitation suite.

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envelope liner
Double Thick White Cotton EnvelopeWhite Matte Envelope Flap
Double Thick White Cotton Envelope
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